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About us

Arc Financial are not your typical accountancy practice in that ALL our staff have spent the majority of their working careers in industry, so fully understand the day to day challenges in running business. We aim to use our expertise to help your business grow either through expert help and assistance in meeting those daily challenges or by ensuring you have up to date information available at your fingertips through our digital accounting services.


Expert Advice

Proactive, timely and relevant to your particular challenges


Result Based

Advice based on up to date and accurate information


Professional Team

Our backgrounds ensure we fully understand the issues you are facing


Optimal Planning

Expert in both business and cash flow planning, crucial to growth

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Digital accounting services

All for a fixed monthly fee

  • Part Time Finance Director

    You will have access to an experienced Finance professional to give ad hoc advice as and when required throughout each month.

  • Management Accounts

    Preparation of your management accounts either monthly, quarterly or six monthly to meet your specific requirements.

  • Corporation Tax & VAT Returns

    Preparation and online submission to HMRC of your CT600 Corporation tax return and your monthly/quarterly VAT returns.

  • Bookkeeping Service

    We can take care of as much of or as little of your bookkeeping requirements, including payroll, providing you with up to date financial information at all times

  • Statutory Accounts

    Preparation and online submission to Companies House of your annual statutory accounts

  • Xero Accounts

    We partner with Xero, a leading online digital accounting software package ideally suited to SME business. Xero allows you to access and update your accounting records on the go, providing accurate financial information at your fingertips.


Is a business improvement service specifically designed for SME’s.

Our objective is to help business improve on the following Office for National Statistic report

“The UK five-year survival rate for businesses born in 2012 and still active in 2017 was only 43.2%”

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Value added services


R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits are a tax incentive from the UK government to reward UK companies investing in innovation. If you have developed or enhanced a product, process or service then you could be eligible for a corporation tax reduction and/or cash payment.

Let us help you uncover all your relevant activity, prepare your submission and deal with HMRC on your behalf.


Raising Finance

Raising finance is often the first hurdle a business has to pass in order to get up and running. It can also be crucial to fund the developments required to take your business to the next level.

We are experienced in helping small business to raise debt finance or private equity in support of growth or business acquisition.


Cash Flow Forecasting

A positive cash flow is a key component of the success of any business. Too many companies focus on profit to the detriment of cash. Cash is the lifeblood of every business as without it you will be unable to pay suppliers or employees.

We can prepare your cash flow forecast and give you an understanding of the key elements within it.


Business Planning

Do you have a vision for your business? Do you have a roadmap of the path to success?

We can assist you to prepare your plan covering your objectives, strategies, finance, sales and marketing. A clear and concise business plan will greatly improve your chance of success.